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What a busy week! Class worship yesterday and our Jubilee extravaganza today. Thank you to @MrFinley_StA, @StAugustinePE and all the staff for organising a fantastic day and a big well done to all our children for putting 100% effort into it! Happy half term! @MrsOBrienStAug

What an amazing afternoon celebrating the Queen’s Platinum jubilee! Loved watching all your dances & especially loved my ice cream 🐶🍦


@eyfsstaugustine @MrFinley_StA @PoundAug Both the boys have had a wonderful day, thank you to everyone involved. They were so excited to share everything they have done. @staugustine_p

Year 5 spiced it up sending us to the 1990s 🕺🇬🇧

An amazing effort for red, white and blue or 2010-2020! @MrsHaworth_StA