Online Safety 

At St Augustine’s, we aim to provide our children with the skills and strategies to thrive and conduct themselves appropriately within the online world. With technology becoming a huge part of our lives, we want our children to be safe, aware of the dangers/ risks and to feel confident in handling any issues using the appropriate channels of support.

Our Online Safety curriculum (Education for a Connected World) links with our Computing curriculum and we aim to adapt to cohort related issues as the children become more exposed to different apps and online platforms.

We are seeing an increase in online safety issues and we strongly urge regular monitoring of your child’s device. Further down this page offers advice and support on how to effectively monitor devices.

As part of our subscription to National Online Safety, there are opportunities for parents/ carers to complete courses based on Online Safety. If you are interested in completing a course, please contact Mr Robinson.

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Mr J Robinson (

If you have any queries, questions or would like support with any online safety related issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As part of our subscription to National Online Safety, there are many parent/ carer courses available. Theses courses are great for updated Online Safety issues that are ever changing with the rapid growth of technology and our reliance on it. If you are interested in completing one of the courses, please contact Mr Robinson and a log in will be created.

Guidance on the latest apps

The following guidance and support is provided by National Online Safety. We aim to offer this support based on the apps we know children in school are aware of. If you would like any support or guidance on any other application, please let us know.

Setting up parental control guidance

The following information offers guidance and support on setting up parental controls on iPhone and Android devices.