Senior Leadership Team
Mrs S Colbeck – Headteacher, Lead DSL
Mrs A Malcolm – Assistant Headteacher (Curriculum and Assessment Lead), English Lead, Year 2 class teacher
Mrs C Haworth – Assistant Headteacher, SENCo, CLA and Pupil Premium Lead, DSL, Art, Music and DT Lead and Year 3 class teacher
Teaching Staff
Mrs E Platt – EYFS class teacher and RE Lead
Mrs A Payne – Year 1 class teacher and Maths Lead
Miss L Scott – Year 2 class teacher and ECT
Mrs A Malcolm – Year 2 class teacher and English Lead
Mrs C Haworth – Year 3 class teacher and Art, DT and Music Lead
Mrs R O’Brien – Year 3 class teacher and Science Lead
Mr M Finley – Year 4 class teacher and History and Geography Lead
Mr A Sanderson – Year 5 class teacher and ECT
Mr J Robinson – Year 6 class teacher and PE and Computing Lead
Mrs B Davies – HLTA and Lay Chaplain
Support Staff
Mrs E Graham – Sport Lead
Miss B Aspin – Currently on Maternity
Mrs A Fraser
Miss R Heseldon
Miss M Howard
Mrs H Green
Mrs K Guest
Miss S Whittaker
Miss F Baldwin


Pupil and Family Support
Mrs H Webb – Pupil and Family Support Manager and DSL
Mrs N Pound – Pupil and Family Support Lead and DSL
Office Staff
Mrs S McCormick – Business Support Officer and Attendance Lead
Other Staff
Mrs M Veitch – Kitchen Manager
Mrs S Gorton – Kitchen
Mr L Colbeck – Site Superviser
Michelle – Lollipop Lady and Cleaner
Penny Pound – School Therapy Dog