It is our belief that wearing a school uniform promotes a sense of pride in the school and engenders a feeling of community and belonging.

Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform:

  • is practical and smart;
  • identifies the children with the school;
  • is not distracting in class (as fashion clothes might be);
  • makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;
  • is regarded as suitable, and good value for money, by most parents;
  • has been designed with health and safety in mind.


  • Navy V neck jumper with St. Augustine’s logo
  • Black school trousers
  • White polo t-shirt with school logo
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks


  • Navy V neck jumper with St. Augustine’s logo
  • Black school trousers
  • White shirt (not polo shirt)
  • School Tie
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks
Girls (Autumn/Winter)


  • Navy V neck jumper or cardigan with St. Augustine’s logo
  • Navy blue skirt or navy blue trousers
  • White polo t-shirt with school logo
  • Navy tights / white or navy socks
  • Black shoes 

    KS2 – year 3 to 6

    • Navy V neck jumper with St. Augustine’s logo
    • Navy blue skirt or navy blue trousers
    • White shirt (not polo shirt)
    • School Tie
    • Black shoes
    • Navy tights/white or navy socks
    Girls (Summer)
    • Navy School cardigan with St. Augustine’s logo
    • Blue checked summer dress
    • White or navy socks
    • Black shoes


    Sports Uniform (indoors)

    Navy blue t-shirt
    Red shorts
    White, black or navy blue socks
    Black PE pumps

    Sports Uniform (outdoors)

    Indoor PE kit
    Optional plain navy blue tracksuit
    Sport trainers

    It is suggested that girls carry a spare pair of socks in their PE kit should they be wearing tights. For extra-curricular sports clubs such as football or netball, children must bring their PE kit to school on the day of the club.

    When swimming, junior children will need a full swimming costume (no bikini’s) or swimming trunks (no Bermuda style shorts.) Children are permitted to wear goggles for swimming if there is a medical reason which has been identified in a letter from parents to school. All girls are expected to wear a swimming hat for lessons.


    On health and safety grounds we do not allow children to wear ANY jewellery in our school.

    • Pupils should be well-groomed with clean hair and the whole face visible at all times. Hair should be one natural colour.
    • Extreme hairstyles, including unnatural colours, hair extensions or decorative beads are not allowed.
    • Severe haircuts, shaven heads (number 2 or less) and decorative designs are not allowed.
    • Plain hair accessories such as a navy bobble, navy headband or clip may be worn by girls but large hair accessories such as bows or hair extensions will not be permitted. Braiding is not permitted.
    Nail Varnish

    Nail Varnish should not be worn by pupils at any time. If a pupil does wear varnish, they will be asked to remove with a product supplied by school. False nails are not permitted.


    Only plain, black footwear is permitted in school. There must be no designer labels, logos, or markings on shoes. The school wants all children to grow into healthy adults. We believe that it is dangerous for children to wear shoes with platform soles or high heels in school, so we do not allow this. For health and safety reasons, we do not allow the wearing of boots or wellingtons in school. Staff will accommodate the need for boots in cold weather by allowing children time to change from their shoes for outdoor time.

    Trainers are not considered smart and often fall into the ‘fashion’ category of footwear, therefore they are not permitted to be worn inside school. Children may wear them for outdoor games and PE sessions. If children come to school in unsuitable footwear, they will be expected to wear their PE pumps whilst inside the school building. If they do not have their PE pumps, the school will provide them with some to wear, or in the rare case that there are not any spare, the school will call parents to resolve the issue either by taking the child home or providing alternative footwear for them.

    Our uniform supplier

    Moonlight Uniform Ltd.

    33/37 Standish Street
    United Kingdom
    BB11 1AP
    01282 423030