Religious Education

In the name of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, we remember that each person is gifted, unique and loved by God and so in the family of St Augustine’s we:

Welcome everyone in Jesus’ name;

Work together in Jesus’ community;

Follow Jesus’ example in all we do;

Learn with Jesus as our inspiration;

Grow in faith with Jesus as our leading light.

RE Subject Lead – Mrs. E Platt

Lay Chaplain – Mrs. B Davies

In September 2023, we were inspected through the Catholic Schools Inspectorate across three areas:

  • Catholic life and mission
  • Religious Education
  • Collective Worship

We are incredibly proud to share with you all the outcome of this inspection. A huge thank you to Mrs Platt (RE Lead), all of our staff, our governors, parents/ families, pupils and most importantly, our Pupil Chaplains. Well done everybody!